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energy efficient cellular shades in a kitchen VU Window Treatments

Comfort and Style with Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

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Going Green With Style

Your Gateway to Sustainable Living in Central Florida

VU Window Treatments is your partner in transforming your home with window solutions that marry elegance with energy efficiency. Our energy-efficient window coverings are not just an aesthetic enhancement; they're an investment in sustainable living, promising significant savings and comfort for every room in your abode.

cellular shades for energy efficiency in a living room VU Window Treatments
living room with energy efficient honeycomb shades on arched windows VU Window Treatments
Energy efficient panel track shades in a living room Vu Window Treatments
energy efficient panel track shades in a living room VU Window Treatments
Innovative Solutions for Modern Homes

Discover the VU Difference: Custom Shades for a Greener Home

Step into the future of home design with our collection of energy-efficient window shades, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of Central Florida residents. These advanced shades are engineered to optimize natural light while providing essential insulation, reducing heat gain and ensuring your living space remains comfortable and energy-efficient year-round.

The VU Collection: A Spectrum of Energy-Saving Shades

Versatile Designs for Every Preference

Roller Shades

energy efficient roller shades in an office building VU Window Treatments

Roller Shades add sleek functionality.

Honeycomb Shades

cellular shade in a bedroom for energy efficiency VU Window Treatments

Honeycomb Shades have air pockets for insulation

Woven Wood Shades

living room with energy efficient roller shades

Woven Wood Shades for a touch of nature

Panel Track Shades

dining room with energy efficient panel track shades VU Window Treatments

Panel Track Shades for large window expanses

Each style is designed to enhance your home's energy efficiency, helping to maintain ideal temperatures and reduce reliance on heating and cooling systems.

Key Benefits of Choosing VU's Energy-Efficient Shades

Privacy and Comfort

Our shades offer varying levels of opacity to ensure your privacy while allowing the perfect amount of natural light to filter through.

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Personalize Your Space with VU's Custom Shades

Material and Design Choices

Select from an array of premium materials and designs to create window shades that resonate with your home's ambiance. Our experts are here to guide you through the process, ensuring a perfect match for your decor and lifestyle.

Harnessing Natural Light with Style

Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting natural light to suit your daily activities. Our energy-efficient shades are available in various opacities, allowing you to embrace the Florida sun or create a serene, shaded retreat at your whim.

Beyond the Living Room

Transforming Spaces Across Central Florida

Home Offices

home office with energy efficient cellular shades VU Window Treatments

Enhance productivity with shades that offer the right balance of light and privacy.

Media Rooms

media room with energy efficient roller shades VU Window Treatments

Achieve the perfect cinematic ambiance with blackout options.


bedroom with horizontal and vertical cellular shades VU Window Treatments

Promote restful sleep with shades that can darken the room or softly filter morning light.

Outdoor Areas

exterior roller shades over large windows VU Window Treatments

Extend comfort to patios and sunrooms with durable, UV-protective shades.

Expert Installation for Flawless Results
Commitment to Excellence: VU's Installation Services

Trust VU Window Treatments for professional installation services that guarantee a perfect fit and seamless operation. Our skilled technicians ensure that your custom shades enhance both the functionality and beauty of your space.

energy efficient roller shades in a loft VU Window Treatments
Maximize Your Savings with Federal Energy Tax Credits
Unlock Savings with ShutterSmart EnergyGuard Shutters at VU Window Treatments

Elevate your home's energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal with ShutterSmart EnergyGuard Shutters from VU Window Treatments, and enjoy significant savings. The federal government rewards your commitment to energy efficiency by offering up to $1,200 in federal energy tax credits when you choose these innovative shutters. Crafted with sustainability and performance in mind, ShutterSmart Shutters not only enhance your home's beauty but also contribute to lower energy bills by optimizing insulation.


Purchase Eligible Products: Buy ShutterSmart EnergyGuard Shutters between January 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023, to qualify for the 30% tax credit on your investment.


Keep Your Documents: Retain your original purchase invoice and/or proof of payment for the shutters. Note that measuring and installation charges are not included in the tax credit.


Certificate Submission: Obtain and fill out the ShutterSMART EnergyGuard Certificate Statement. Present this certificate along with your sales invoice and proof of payment to your tax professional when filing your 2023 tax returns to claim your credit.

Key Benefits of Choosing VU's Energy-Efficient Shades

Beyond the immediate tax savings, selecting the right window coverings from VU Window Treatments can substantially reduce your home's energy loss, which often occurs through the windows. Consider our range of energy-saving options:

Honeycomb Shades

Our shades offer varying levels of opacity to ensure your privacy while allowing the perfect amount of natural light to filter through.

Energy effient roller shade with bottom banding Vu Window Treatments
Making the Smart Choice for Energy Efficiency

By choosing ShutterSmart EnergyGuard Shutters or any of our energy-efficient window treatments, you're not just upgrading your home's interior—you're investing in a sustainable future and enjoying the perks of energy savings. To explore more about how ShutterSmart EnergyGuard Shutters can benefit you, click the links below for detailed information and get started on your journey to a more efficient, comfortable home.

Elevate your home with VU Window Treatments' energy-efficient solutions and take advantage of significant federal tax credits. Visit our Central Florida showroom or contact us for a consultation to learn more about how our products can transform your space and save you money.


Q: How do VU's energy-efficient shades impact my home's energy bills? A: Our shades are designed to provide significant insulation, reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling, and leading to lower energy costs.

Q: What makes professional installation by VU a wise choice? A: Our experts handle everything from precise measurements to the final installation, ensuring your shades look great and function flawlessly.

Q: What makes ShutterSmart EnergyGuard Shutters eligible for a tax credit? A: These shutters are designed to significantly improve your home's insulation, meeting the criteria set by the federal government for energy-efficient home improvements.

Q: Can I claim the tax credit for any window treatment purchase? A: The tax credit specifically applies to ShutterSmart EnergyGuard Shutters. It's essential to retain your purchase documents and obtain the EnergyGuard Certificate to qualify.

Q: How do VU's energy-efficient shades contribute to home energy savings? A: Our shades, including honeycomb, roller, and solar options, are engineered to reduce energy transfer through windows, effectively insulating your home and lowering energy consumption.

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