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faux wood blinds in a kitchen VU Window Treatments

Collaborating with Florida's Premier Home Builders

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Your Customers Will Love Their VU

Florida's Finest Home Builders & VU Window Treatments

VU Window Treatments is honored to collaborate with the finest home builders across Florida, bringing a touch of elegance and functionality to new homes. Our expertise lies in providing a broad spectrum of window treatments, including faux wood blinds, shades, and vertical blinds, tailored to the diverse requirements of residential constructions across various market segments.

Vertical shades in a living room VU Window Treatments
Office with blinds and drapery VU Window Treatments
Catering to Your New Developments With Every Solution

Custom Home Builder Solutions for Every Development

We understand the distinct needs of each residential community, from starter homes to high-end gated communities. Our products are customized to align with the unique design specifications and desires of each builder, ensuring that every new home is equipped with window treatments that enhance both its appeal and value.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing in Central Florida

Our 16,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Ocoee, just outside of Orlando, is where our skilled craftsmen produce a variety of window treatments. From durable 2" faux wood blinds to stylish vertical blinds, elegant interior shutters, and versatile roller shades, we guarantee superior quality, service, and installation for projects of any size, whether commercial or residential.

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Proud Partners in Home Building

VU Window Treatments takes pride in its long-standing relationships with home builders, contributing to the success of numerous residential projects. We are dedicated to providing high-quality window treatments that offer both beauty and practicality, helping new homeowners create their ideal living spaces.

For more information or to arrange a detailed consultation, please contact VU Window Treatments. We are eager to contribute to your next residential project, ensuring that every home is as beautiful and functional as it deserves to be.

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