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VU Supports Orlando Express Girls Hockey!

Organizations like Orlando Express is helping Central Florida young girls become our future leaders.

As a woman owned and managed company, VU Window Treatments understands the importance of instilling confidence in girls from an early age to inspire them to be future leaders in our community and beyond. That is why we proudly support Orlando Express.

Orlando Express's Mission

Formed in January 2017, Orlando Express sought to provide an atmosphere for young women to be a part of a positive environment as they play ice hockey. Their goal is to not only help young women learn how to play hockey – a game of hard work, discipline and passion – but also to build their self-confidence through their training, extending to the girls's academics and professional careers.

Come Out and Support Our Central Florida Young Women

We at VU Window Treatments encourage you to come out and support the young women at Orlando Express. Whether you are new to the sport or are a seasoned veteran, they would love for you to join their team!

One way that you can also help is by participating in their fundraiser which is currently underway – just click here. You can go directly to the fundraiser store at this link below, but even if not, please share with your family or friends for this great cause:


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