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Product Spotlight - Vertical Blinds

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

In this week’s edition of Product Spotlight, we will discuss one of the most popular window

treatments of all time, Vertical Blinds. Over the past 50 years, vertical blinds have taken

over the window treatment world, for good reason. Not only are they incredibly practical,

but they are also among the most cost-effective option for any home or business.

Affordability and Simple installation

Not only are Vertical blinds among the most affordable window treatments available, they

are also among the easiest window treatments to install. All you need to complete the

installation is about 20-30 minutes and a screwdriver. Once the blinds are installed,

keeping up on the maintenance will ensure your blinds live a long life. Luckily the

maintenance of Vertical blinds is as easy as the installation. Due to the design, they are less

likely to collect dust than other window treatments such as Horizontal Blinds. By cleaning

them regularly and being gentle when opening and closing, your blinds should last for


Protection from UV rays

Owning and operating our shop in Orlando Florida, we know a little bit about the sun. One

of the main advantages of installing Vertical blinds for your windows and doors is light

control. Not only will the light control allow you to watch a movie in the middle of the day

without the glare of the sun, but it will also protect you from the sun’s powerful UV rays. If

you live in Florida, or anywhere that has a lot of sunshine, vertical blinds will be a perfect

addition to your home.


In today’s world, having an extra layer of privacy can be a huge advantage. Keeping your

windows and doors fully covered at night can deter burglars and unwanted guests. When

you fully close your Vertical blinds, you will ensure that nobody will be able to see inside

your home.


Last but not least, Vertical Blinds will make any window or door look great. We offer blinds

in a variety of styles, designs, and colors to match any home. We have interior design

specialists that will assist you in matching any of our products with the color scheme of

your home. We truly believe, whatever your style, we can match you with a perfect fit.

We hoped you enjoyed this week’s edition of Product Spotlight. If you have any additional

questions or would like help finding the perfect product for your home, Click Here and

speak with one of our product specialists today.

Check back next week for a new product, and more insights!

301 Enterprise St # A, Ocoee, FL 34761

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