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Our shutters carry a lifetime warranty and are the ultimate combination of durability, elegance, and value to truly enhance your home. Our patented finish is anti-static, moisture-resistant, fire-retardant, and UV-protected. Our shutters are available in a variety of louver, panel and frame options at no additional cost. Every shutter is custom-made in our Orlando fabrication facility, giving us complete control over quality and service!

We provide the VERY BEST PRICING. We beat Lowes, Home Depot, and on the same type of blinds, while also providing a superior window blind that outlasts any store-bought brand. That's the Vu Guarantee!

Wood, Poly-clad Interior Shutters Manufactured Locally.

Available in 7-10 days

Interior Shutters That Fit Your Lifestyle 

Our shutters offer the look, feel and warmth of wood without compromising window views. Available in 8 specialty arch types.


Our shutters are designed to be strong & durable, low-maintenance, & easy-to-clean. With our lifetime warranty, spend less time worrying about your shutters and more time enjoying them​.


Our shutters are free of paint, eliminating the need for future repainting. They are also free of medium-density fiberboard and are fully recyclable.​


Free In-Home Consultation

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