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SAVE UP TO $1,200
in Federal Energy Tax Credits
with ShutterSmart Shutters!

The federal government will give you up to $1,200 back in the form of an energy tax credit—if you purchase Shutter Smart Shutters manufactured at VU Window Treatments. Shutter Smart Shutters qualify for a 30% tax credit. On top of that, these shutters are incredibly environmentally friendly, and they will help lower your monthly bills by reducing your energy costs.


Purchase qualifying products between January 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023.


Save your original purchase invoice and/or proof of payment for the amount paid for the ShutterSMART EnergyGuard Shutters(Measuring and installation charges are not eligible for this tax credit.)


Download the ShutterSMART EnergyGuard Certificate Statement (see below). Fill out and print out the certificate and take it, along with your sales invoice and/or proof of payment, to your tax professional when filing your 2023 tax returns.


To learn more about ShutterSmart EnergyGuard Shutters and how they can save you money
click the 2 links below.


The Choice
for Energy Efficiency


 Energy Efficient
Home Improvement Credit 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


Improved Energy Efficiency 

As much as 20% of your home's energy loss happens through your windows every year, which means finding the right window covering from VU Window Treatments could go a long way toward saving you money.


 Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb Shades from VU Window Treatments are a low cost way to save energy and help the planet. Our honeycomb design is the most efficient in nature, while also providing insulating benefits that inhibit temperature transfer from inside to outside.


Roller Shades

Reduce heat gain and minimize glare to keep your energy costs low and efficiency levels high with our high-performing UV blocking fabrics. Light colors provide optimum heat reduction while darker colors provide excellent view through and glare control.


Solar Shades

Solar Shades from VU Window Treatments are the perfect way to block sunlight and reduce glare. Great for a media room where light control is essential—you can still watch movies and read, but you won’t have to squint or shield your eyes from glare.

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