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KE Outdoor Awnings

There is nothing better than enjoying the outdoors under the sunlight of a warm sunny day? Thanks to our line of KE Awnings, you’ll be able to make the most of the energy from the sun. Our outdoor awnings will enhance your comfort and improve your quality of life.

Every home, business, or villa has a unique architecture and exterior frame, so we have designed custom electric awnings with proprietary technology. Our designs include over 500 textiles for you to choose from.

Our beautiful drapes can cover the windows in your home, business or villa – our awnings will provide your terrace with shade and protect your garden.

Choose from Folding Arm, Cassette, Canopy, and Drop Arm awnings.


Folding Arm Awnings are an excellent solution to shade your gardens, terraces, and windows. We are committed to the production of extendable awnings that fully suit your needs. VU awnings harmoniously enhance any commercial or residential setting. No matter what size your project is, we are happy to assist with all the details.

These awnings are available in a wide range of finishes, and you can choose from many types of fabric with varying degrees of solar resistance, all 100% certified. Our awnings are wind and weather resistant and can be customized according to your project's needs. You can add LED bars or LED arms for night-time use or connect to an automated system so that they are only rolled out when necessary.


Cassete Awnings are Ideal for windows, balconies, terraces and porches. A cassette awning can be harmoniously installed almost anywhere. The essential design features a box which protects the awning and facilitates maintenance while allowing you to screen any type of environment to a height and width of up to almost 20 feet. A strong outdoor curtain track holds the fabric at the correct tension, while the zip and terminal block system keep your awning in perfect condition. It easily withstands wind and weather with a patented system that allows you to wind it in without creasing the fabric.

The cassette awning box provides maximum fabric protection enabling you to shade your fixtures or outdoor spaces for many years to come. Metal parts of VU awnings are made of thermo-lacquered aluminum or steel, and, thanks to our innovative production treatments, you are assured maximum resistance to atmospheric conditions and corrosion.


Canopy Awnings protect outdoor patios from harsh winds and the sun. An outdoor canopy is timeless and provides your space with comfort, shade and complete privacy. Our coverings add elegance to any home, villa or business.

Awnings with stationary canopies make ideal fixtures in homes or villas, but awnings with a retractable canopy, measuring up to 23 feet wide, can make an excellent accessory to any building. Our retractable and stationary canopy designs feature over 500 fabrics and material finishes to choose from. You can imprint your business logo and info or even print both together on the textiles, making them a great marketing medium for your business.

The powder-coated, aluminium frame is reliable during bad weather. We carry PVC, acrylic and various chromatic canopy fabrics. We also have ruffles that protect windows or entrances from wind and rain and provide shade from the sun.


On any given day, terraces, gardens and outdoor spaces might receive light and shade, the energy of the sun, or cooling from a fresh breeze.  Drop Arm Awnings combine design, aesthetics, technique and efficiency and offer an ideal way to add comfort and style to your outdoor spaces.

With sleek profiles featuring slim but durable arms, exceptional overall performance, and a choice of over 500 fabrics, our balcony awnings range enables you to realize your unique and personalized project.


The elegantly-designed, minimalist framework creates an enclosed cover for your awning when not in use, assuring you of reliability, weather resistance and cleanliness for many years to come.

There are a wide variety of options to manage your light or shade preferences with our drop arm awnings. All our solar blinds are automated and manageable through apps and home automation systems, including remote control, for maximum comfort and ease of use.


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